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Botanical Name

Salvia Rutilans.


Sage 'Pineapple' or Tangerine Sage. 


Native to Mexico and Guatemala. The plant is extensively used in Mexican traditional medicine, especially for the treatment of anxiety, and also for lowering of blood pressure.

Favourite Environment

Grow pineapple sage in full sun/part shade in moist, well-drained soil. The pineapple sage plant is found in gardens to attract butterflies.   Include these in the butterfly garden or herb garden or plant in other areas where fragrance is desired. Combine this plant in groupings with other sages for a plethora of flying friends in the garden.


When the plant is new, water regularly at first. Once established, it will require less (only more during dry/hot periods). The plant will wilt and leaves will begin to curl up if too dry--a sign it needs more water. Keep evenly moist to prevent leaves from dropping. Plants can be pinched when young to produce more branching for denser growth. As it grows tall, it may benefit from a stake to guide it. 

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