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City Sanctury

We all live increasingly busy lives, and our home needs to be our sanctuary—a place to recharge and unwind. 


I wanted my design to create a bold visual appeal from inside the home. A focus for this design was the element of fun, using a quirky lion head planter planted with soft Casurina Glauca Greenwave that makes you want to run your hands through the fluffy mane. And the custom-made swing-chair, that lures you out to the garden to sit and unwind. The functional, sculptural element creates movement and interest while freeing up precious floor space making the compact balcony feel light and open. 


I chose the black colour palette to showcase the beautiful plants. I love how the vibrant greens pop against the dark walls, and the confinements of the space melt away into the background. 


The floorboards laid in a diagonal pattern create movement and the illusion of a larger space. The direction of the lines leads the eye purposefully to the feature plant cluster. 


City Sanctuary is my interpretation of a contemporary Japanese courtyard garden. I chose my main tree to be an Acer Senkaki; watching the foliage change colour offers a connection to the change of season. During the winter months, the feature tree offers continued visual delight with vibrant hues of the coral bark. The final element offers tranquil sounds from the charming water garden calming the soul and may even attract some wildlife friends to the garden. 


With simplistic and minimal in mind, I selected each element to work harmoniously together while creating space and movement. 


Plant cluster 

40x60cm balcony garden 

Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku syn. Senkaki'

40cm Miss Garden glory Lion head planter 

Casuarina Glauca Greenwave 


Water bowl 

60cm garden lite bowl from Mojay pots 

Water plants 

Nymphaea (Water Lilly)

Nasturtium officinale (Watercress)

Pistia stratiotes (Water lettuce)

Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny)

City sanctuary by Porch Envy (2).jpg
City sanctuary by Porch Envy (1)_edited.

Special Thank you to my sponsors

Miss Garden Glory 

Wattle Hawtorn East 

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