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Botanical Name

Epiphyllum 'Hybrid'.


Red Orchid Cactus, Queen of the Night, Leaf Cactus, and Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus.


Native to the tropical Americas and range from Mexico to Central America and even into the Caribbean.

Favourite Environment

Best in light shade protected from direct sunlight. Hardy, but needs to be fertilised and watered regularly for best flower display, though it may take up to five years before an orchid cactus flowers.


Overwatering is the greatest threat to a healthy orchid cacti. Never let your plant stand in water. From mid-spring through summer, water when the top third of soil feels just slightly damp. During the winter, the plant requires less moisture. Water sparingly during these periods of inactivity. If your plant sits in water, you may notice stems turning limp or growing black at the base. If you see stem rot, take a break from watering. Cut blackened stems off at soil level.

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