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Botanical Name

Radermachera Sinica.


China Doll, Asian Bell Tree, Emerald Tree or Serpent Tree.


Native to subtropical mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan.

Favourite Environment

Highly ornamental plant, great for indoors, in a fernery or in a garden position sheltered from drying winds. Indoors, grow in bright, indirect light, with little to no sunlight.  


Make sure the soil is always moist, but never sopping wet. This plant should be watered once the top inch of soil is dry, the frequency of which will vary depending on the season and environment in your home.  If the plant is getting thirsty, the leaves will start to droop. Black tips on the plant's leaves can signal it is being overwatered. Apply a balanced, water-soluble fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.

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