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Botanical Name

Lavandula Dentata.


Fringed Lavender or French Lavender.


Native to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic islands and the Arabian peninsula.

Favourite Environment

This plant can bear the brunt of hot sunrays in stride. It actually makes the plant more fragrant! To emphasise this, place it in the hottest, driest, sunniest spot of your garden!


Do not overwater. Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings. In pots and containers, it is important to check on moisture often. That way you’ll get a hang of when the plant needs water, and only water then.

Stick a finger into the soil at least two knuckles deep. Pull it out. Dusty tip: feel free to water. Smeary, moist tip: wait for another three days. Remove spent flowers regularly; do not cut into old wood without shoots. 

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