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Botanical Name

Acer Palmatum


Japanese Maple


Native to Japan, China and Korea.

Favourite Environment

Likes a semi-shaded area that collects the morning sun and dappled light throughout the day, in an area that is protected from strong wind. Japanese maples prefer cold climates, but with the right care and conditions will happily grow anywhere in Australia.


During the summer, a rough rule is to water once or twice a week. They will also benefit from a some liquid food or slow release fertiliser during the warmer months. In the winter, water your Japanese Maple a lot less. As the tree sheds its leaves in autumn, you can use them to mulch around the base. Japanese Maples in pots often experience some branch tip dieback in winter. This won’t harm your tree. Just snip off the dead portion of the branch with pruners when they are dormant. Stressed-out Japanese Maple have been known to drop every leaf from their branches and still recover beautifully—usually re-leafing during the same season.

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