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Botanical Name

Heliconia Nickeriensis.




Heliconia species are native to Central and South America, the Caribbean and South Pacific Islands.

Favourite Environment

Sunny position, up to 50% shade. Their favourite environment is tropical, so growing them in sub-tropical conditions means a little extra effort and care is required, and in winter especially they may not be as happy. If practical, protect them from extreme cold and frost during winter. As the plants mature, prune off dead flowers and foliage as it occurs to encourage new growth.


Water them a couple of times a week when first planted, then ease off depending on climate conditions. After they are established, a good soak once or twice a week (adding a liquid fertiliser such as power feed to one of these waters from September through to May) in warmer months should suffice, with less required in winter--sometimes only every couple of weeks. They hate wet feet and love a misting of their leaves.

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