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Buxus Japonica Stepped Cloud Topiary

Botanical Name

Buxus Japonica Stepped Cloud Topiary.


Cloud Tree, Stepped Cloud Tree.


Native to the Mountains of Japan.

Favourite Environment

Grows well both in full sun and partial shade, drought and frost tolerant. Benefits from pruning every 4-6 weeks during September - April to maintain the shape and structure.


Buxus Japonica Stepped Cloud Topiary like and need a lot of water. As a general rule, water every 2-3 days during spring, summer and autumn, and then water every 3-4 days in winter when dormant. When watering your Stepped Cloud Tree, ensure it is watered until water is running out the bottom of the pot. It will benefit from an all-purpose plant food (such as Osmocote Plus) once or twice a year in March ad September.

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